Terms and condition


Terms and condition

  1. Relativity

 All offers and transactions made by New Saladin are subject to the general terms and conditions listed below. Prices can change at any time.

The customer expressly accepts the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions by accepting an offer or placing an order.

 Any variations from these Terms and Conditions must first receive management approval in writing before they are considered acceptable.

Intermediaries and other third parties that New Saladin deploys will be entitled to all of the rights and obligations outlined for New Saladin in these General Terms and Conditions and any additional agreements.

  1. Quality

The restaurant promises that every item on the menu complies with the concept’s requirements.

In the event of any complaints, management must be notified right away. We’ll move as quickly as we can to take the appropriate action.

  1. Costs and deals

 New Saladin expressly reserves the right to change the prices and is under no obligation to honor any offers made. This is especially true if a price change is required by law or other restrictions.

 All prices are given in Korean won.

 In some circumstances, special offers are valid. These discounts are only good for a limited time or as long as supplies remain. No claim for these rates may be made before or following the designated period.

 New Saladin is not responsible for any wrong pricing indications, such as typographical or printing errors. Any rights arising from inaccurate price information are void.

  1. Rejections

 New Saladin has the right to postpone or cancel an event. If this occurs, we will try to offer a workable alternative. New Saladin will make every effort to let you know as soon as possible if an event needs to be canceled or postponed. We, however, cannot guarantee that it will be possible to notify you promptly of any event change or cancellation, nor can it be held liable for refunds, compensation, or any other costs you might incur.

Always double-check that you have reserved the correct (number of) people before finalizing your reservation. 


Credit cards and table payments are all acceptable forms of payment that we take.

  1. Other clauses

 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions or any other agreement with New Saladin violates applicable law, such provision shall be null and void. It shall be replaced by a new comparable provision permissible under applicable law as determined by New Saladin.