Halal Restaurant in Daegu, South Korea

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Which is the halal restaurant in South Korea

New Saladin restaurant is a halal restaurant in Daegu, South Korea, that provides customers with halal food. It is the only restaurant that offers traditional and authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisines that taste exquisite. The Pakistani and Indian dishes we provide are full of the rich taste of the culture and healthy. This is because of two reasons. First, the raw food we use is organic, halal, and pure, and secondly, it is made by professional Pakistani and Indian chefs. It is a Pakistani and Indian restaurant in Daegu that has a peaceful environment. People like to visit and enjoy our food with family.

Everything we do is just a celebration of food in Daegu, South Korea. We started this celebration in 2013 at Kyungpook National University, North Gate. It was gigantically fruitful, which drove us to bring another restaurant in 2017 near Keimyung University, and in 2019 we opened the 3rd branch in Downtown Daegu. Gyeongsan Yeongdae Branch.

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